Showcase: Blogs You Should Follow

Blogging is difficult.  You don’t know what you always want to write about.  You don’t know if people will like it or hate it.  You don’t even know if anyone will read the damn thing.  But, ultimately, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that people are out there writing about the world, logging all the ups and downs we face on the daily.  This page is dedicated to blogs you should pay close attention to.  I’ll add more when I find more.

Lesbian Baby-maker Blog: A Journey of making babies without boys.

This blog is about, well, making babies without boys.  The writer chronicles her trip down the path of alternative insemination, detailing the questions and the wonders that follow.  My favorite posts are the Maternity Mishaps, where she posts pictures of couples with the mother all pregnant in really, really weird poses.  It’s worth your time.

Ezra Klein’s Wonkblog

This is the only blog you have to read if you have Progressive viewpoints and you want real, in-depth information about what’s going on int politics and economics.  This blog is fantastic.  I can’t praise it enough.  Ezra Klein and the writer’s at Wonkblog are brilliant and focus on Economics, politics, environmental issues and health care.  You really could just read this one blog and be just fine. I have learned more about the wonky side of politics than I ever thought possible.  I read this blog faithfully three or four times a day.

Dust and Grooves

If you like photography and you like records, yeah, this is it.  The guys at Dust and Grooves take pictures of people’s vinyl collections.  It’s not a music blog. Not really. It’s more of a people blog.  Like, it’s a blog about the collections people have and why they have them.  It lacks the pretension that music blogs can tend to have, which is just fine with me.

Queer Contemporary Art 

This Blog is run by my good friends Tracy and Nicole Spencer-Stonestreet. It looks at contemporary art by Gays/Lesbian/Transgender peeps. Instead of highlight the sexualized, they focus on how it is just art. Not Gay art. But art by Gay people.  It’s fascinating work, both by showcasing great art work, but by also breaking up the Gender expectations of what we consider to be art from the LGBT community.

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