An Overly Long, Exhaustive Review of “The Amazing Spider-man”

“The Amazing Spider-man” is a solid reboot, one worth going to see. It’s better than the first Spider-man movie and much, much better than the third one. For people who think that it’s too soon to reboot the franchise, I’m happy to agree and disagree with you. Yes, it is too soon. But, I mean, they did it. So, let’s stop bitching about it and be glad that it wasn’t horrible. Continue reading

X-men: First Class Revealed! What? Oh, that? That’s my exploding head. It does that.

As iO9 Reported today, You can’t stop sequels.  It is like trying to tell a kid who always gets free candy from his grandmother not to ask his grandmother for free candy.  Why not?  She always gives me free candy.  X-men: First Class will sell tickets, and it will be better than the last X-men movie because the last X-men movie was about as good as a turd sandwich.  I am concerned, however, with the Copy/Paste antics of the movie.  This takes place in the sixties, and it has Magneto and Xavier as buds and is suppose to explore their relationship.  There is nothing wrong with that, actually.  I like the idea.  But, why is The Beast in it?  Well, he was one of the first mutants in the X-men books.  But Angel is a girl? Havok is in it?  Why?  No one even likes Havok.  And Emma Frost is only in the movie to show some boob and leg.  That’s it.  The bad part about being a geek is that you have to constantly watch horrible movies so you can judge them.  I’ll go see this when it comes out.  This is what I do for you.