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Whatcha Listening to? Raekwon, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Vol. II

Yeah, I want two large pizzas, extra cheese and no olives.  I SAID NO OLIVES!

"Yeah, I want two large pizzas, extra cheese and no olives. I SAID NO OLIVES!"

Man.  Remember the Mid-nineties?  When you could hop into a car and listening to the best music ever created by human beings?  Pearl Jam coming out?  Nirvana at their prime?  And, of course, Wu-Tang.  Wu-Tang.  Wu-Tang.  The middle nineties gave us such classics as Method Man’s Tical, Ghostface Killah’s Iron-man, Gza’s Liquid Swords and, of course, Raekwon the Chef’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.  Man.  That album is dark, gritty, and completely about selling drugs and shooting people.  And, just when we need him the most, Raekwon is back with an album that Wu-Tang can be proud of.  Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Vol. II sounds like the second part of the original album that we never got a chance to listen to.  It is gritty, witty, hard and violent, with beats that force your neck to bend and your head to bob.  You bob your head!  Tracks like “Gihad”, “Fat Lady Sings”, and “House of Flying Daggers” brings back the good old days where I used to go to school, go to work, jump in a buddy’s whip and cruise the mall looking for trouble to get into.  We never got into any trouble, but Raekwon made us feel like we could if we wanted to.  Warning, this isn’t for the children.  Raekwon the Chef is called Raekwon the Chef because we cooks drugs on the stove, not because he likes to eat.  And Ghostface Killah might have the most profane rhyme I’ve ever heard.  I was embarrassed just listening to it.  But if you want something worth listening to that is far, far superior to the crap they put on the radio, this is it.  Other albums making that commute a little better:  Radiohead, In Rainbows.  Murs, Murs For President.  The Afghan Whigs, Gentlemen.  Deftones, Saturday Night Wrist.