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Impressions: Watchmen

If you had a Blue Penis, youd show it off, too.

"If you had a Blue Penis, you'd show it off, too."

Watchmen wasn’t a bad movie because of its directing.  I actually enjoyed the unneeded kung-fu fighting and the explosions and the weird sex stuff.  And Watchmen wasn’t a bad movie because of the acting, even though the acting is some of the worst acting of any movie I’ve ever seen.  I mean, lord, that acting was horrible.  Even the sex scenes were bad.  And the movie wasn’t bad because we get to see a woman beaten and almost raped, even though seeing a woman getting beaten and almost raped didn’t help anything.  Watchmen wasn’t even bad because the “Squid” was messing.  The Squid not being at the end didn’t help anything, though.  It probably would have helped the movie.  Watchmen wasn’t bad because of the Blue Penis.  Honestly, I didn’t even notice the Blue Penis, and anyone bothered by the Blue Penis probably had some strange things happen to them and it probably involved a Blue Penis.  Which is weird. Didn’t any of that bug me? No.  Watchmen was bad because it showed how insane, perverted and completely horrible Alan Moore is.  I don’t care what people think of him or his comics.  All of Alan Moore’s work is violent, disrespectful towards women, and controversial for shook value only.  That’s why Watchmen was a bad movie.