Road To AmericaTown: Part 1

The future of cinema.  From right: Jon Giggy. Kzilla.  Cory H-bomb.

The future of cinema. From left: Jon Giggy. Kzilla. Cory H-bomb.

I have the most amazing friends in the world.  I freely admit that. These people are in my life for a reason, and because of that, I usually do whatever it is that they ask me to do.  Thus, when Kenneth Price asked me to help out with his newest movie endeavor, I couldn’t say no.  Well, I sort of did say no, at first.  The initial plan was for me to ride in a van with Kenneth, Cory H. and Jon G. for six weeks, helping out with the production of Americatown.  Six weeks without working for me means that the credit card companies start calling my house, the landlady puts all my stuff on the curb, and I lose my jobs.  Instead, we switched things up so that I could do most of my scenes over a few days this weekend and a few days over the summer.  Yes, I’m going to act.  Yes, it is strange.  But acting with these guys is a lot like making fun of each other over and over again.  It is the kind of fun that comes natural.

So, what is Americatown about?  Well, I don’t want to say.  If you watch their last movie, Lightning Salad Moving Picture, then you know what you’re getting into.  Its a film about…well…something.  And at the core there’s a moral.  Maybe.  I can promise that you’ll be completely entertained.  Watching the movie makes me happy, not because I’m in it.  Kenneth, Jon and Corey are probably going to be famous.  They are doing something completely original, tapping into a vain of popular culture that seems to be ignored or forgotten.  And, of course, I love them.  So there’s that.  I’ll be posting randomly this weekend on the movie making adventure.  Here is Americatown’s facebook page.  And I’m not sure why you aren’t following them on twitter.  Also, check out the trailer for Lightning Salad Moving Picture after the break.  Continue reading