Impressions: The Book of Eli

The book of Eli is pretty much exactly how you think it is going to be.  So, there isn’t a way I can really spoil it.  Just watch the previews and then fill in a few blanks.  Denzel Washington has a book and he is taking the book somewhere.  Bad people with big guns and rotten teeth want the book and Denzel Washington has the skills to cut off a few half-dozen heads in the time it takes for you to yell, “Damn!”  I mean, it is the Hughes Brothers.  Yeah, they did Menace to Society, but they also made Dead Presidents and that movie was re-Dunk-ulous.  So, the action and violence is there, but there is another thing that sneaks in.  A moral message, maybe?  An idea of the different concepts that keep society in check?  The politics of power dynamics?  What is the importance of books? Of words?  Is it the information inside these books, or the notion that these books do contain information and that the containment of information is possible, that the movement of information is our right, that the giving of information is what makes us human?  Is this movie talking about that?  Half way through the flick, I started to wonder if the movie had the answers, or was just hurling awesome images at me.  And, oh, Mila Kunis.  Yes, her too.  Spoilers ahead.  I’ll be completely ruining this movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

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The Book of Eli Trailer is a good way to start your week.

So, there are a few movies where I create a “Trailer Embargo” for my brain.  I’m not allowed to see anything else about The Book of Eli.  I can’t watch any more trailers.  I can’t read anything about it.  I can’t watch any interviews.  I can’t even talk about it.  There is a movie coming that will explode my brain and make it a huge pile of nasty, wet, unworking goo.  Is there something about Denzel Washington’s walk?  Where did he get that walk from?  Did he buy it at the Awesome Store?  I want to buy a walk like that at the Awesome Store.  Watch the Book of Eli trailer.