As people do better, they start voting like Republicans – unless they have too much education and vote Democratic, which proves there can be too much of a good thing. -Karl Rove
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News Rodeo: Glenn Beck is Stupid, Plastic Hands, and Michael Bay’s Genius Brain.

I hate twitter, mainly because I cant text.  You know, cause of the plastic hand.  Dont judge me

"I hate twitter, mainly because I can't text. You know, cause of the plastic hand. Don't judge me"

Yep.  I am going to avoid saying, “The Revolution Will be Televised” because every talking head and pundit on the tubes has said that bullshit for the last few days.  However, it does look like we are seeing the beginnings of a different Iran, one where people wear lots of green and use twitter to the point of being pretty freaking amazing.  Yes, I’m fully aware that twitter and the internet helped these people communicate and organize.  I’m also aware that twitter fans have started using Twitter’s latest application as justification to post about what they are having for breakfast.  Yes, I do it too.  I can’t help it.  My life is more interesting than yours.  Anyway, it looks like the revolution is over.  Iran’s Supreme Leader has said that the election wasn’t rigged, if it was rigged, so what, and you guys lost so go home or we start shooting people in faces and other body parts.  Regardless of who is right and who is wrong, hopefully this can all end peacefully. Oh, and did you know the Supreme Leader has a fake hand?  I mean, how bad ass is that?  Anyway…

In other news, Health care. Obama wants to fix it.  Other people think it will cost way too much money.  Here is Rachel Maddow’s sexy ass talking about it.

And here is a complete moron chanting and speaking in tongues about 2012 and the Mexican End-of-the-World situation.  Oh, wait.  It’s just Glenn Beck.

Apparantly, if you have the stomach to watch that video, we are the losers with this health care plan.  I mean, I don’t want to lose my health care.  I don’t want my rates to go up.  I don’t want to pay for coverage I don’t need…wait…oh, I’m sorry.  I keep forgetting.  I’M POOR! I haven’t had health care since 2005.  I’m serious.  When I get sick, I take some aspirin, say a quick pray, and put a bunch of blankets over my head and sweat that shit out.  Man, Glenn Beck is a moron.

Let’s move on to something far more important.  Next week, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, finally comes to the big screen in all of it’s magnificent glory.  People can speak ill about Michael Bay and his genius brain all they want.  No one makes a better action movie.  How can you not want to see this?  They are giant robots on the screen.  There are giant robots hitting other giant robots!  It is everything I’ve ever wanted out of life and Michael Bay is giving it to me because he loves me so much.  I mean, look at this scene!  I want it inside my body!  I want it inside of me right now!

It is the small things that make you happy, that forces you to get out of bed and go to work and make that money.  Always remember:  We are Americas.  And we like cars and things blowing up.

Putting Two in the Air: The Iran Election Situation.

What I find interesting about all of this is how it parrallels what happened in in 2000.  There was George W.Bush and Al Gore.  Bush and Gore contested over issues in Florida and many, many people believed that the election was stolen, that we didn’t have a President that we had voted vigorously for and that, instead, we would get a guy who would, well, we know what he would do.  We are still trying to deal with all that.  You know what we did then?  You know what we did when we thought George W. Bush took the election?  The general public?  You know what we did? Nothing.We did absolutely nothing.  Nine years later, we see a group of people with some fight in them.  From CNN and The Huffington Post..

Ahmadinejad, the hard-line incumbent, defeated reformist rival Mir Hossein Moussavi, a former prime minister, in the election, according to official results. Backers of Moussavi have been denouncing the results. On Sunday, a letter that appeared to be written by Moussavi requested that the government annul the contested results. The letter was circulated among Moussavi’s supporters and posted on his campaign Web site, which has published previously confirmed statements from Moussavi. “I see this as the only solution to restore the public trust and support of the people for their government,” it states.

Some have already begun to say that Our Man has something to do (good or bad) with it, that his speech two weeks ago was amazing and that it is proof that a dialogue and an active engagement with diplomatic force as opposed to brute force will save our days.  I think that we should be careful of boats being rocked while we have so much more on our plates than we can ever fully eat.  Still, maybe this is our ticket to this “Middle East Peace” that we keep hearing about.  More likely, we’ll be watching the news this week and hear about some very, very horrible events coming from the streets of Tehran.  To any and all over there, my thoughts are with you.