As people do better, they start voting like Republicans – unless they have too much education and vote Democratic, which proves there can be too much of a good thing. -Karl Rove
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President Obama’s Second 100 days garner a “C+”. Which is average. Also which is stupid.

Man! Whats a brother gotta do around here? Part the Red Sea? Geez...

"Man! What's a brother gotta do around here? Part the Red Sea? Geez..."

I don’t want to remind people what we had before.  There is no need for it.  I recall having breakfast with a friend once (hey, Tiff!) and I remember the Sunday after the 2004 election.  It was the first time I’ve ever actually thought about leaving the country.  I mean, seriously.  I thought I was going to pack my bags and leave. That’s how awful George “W” Bush was.  Do you remember us going to war for no other reason besides that he wanted us to?  Four years later, we have a President who is Bush’s complete opposite.  And, frankly, people still aren’t happy.  Cnn did a poll, asking people to grade President Obama’s Second 100 days in office.  Because, you know, it is easy to fix eight years of horrible domestic and foreign policy.  So easy, you can do it in 200 days!  The result?  Our man got a “C+” or something to that affect.  A “C” is Average.  A “B” is above average and an “A” is Excellent.  The consensus, from reading some of the comments, is that Obama didn’t save the planet fast enough, and he has proven that not only was he a mistake, but that he also was not Jesus Christ, who we all thought he was.  One educationally deprieved man wrote in his comments:

It’s getting harder and harder to find someone who will admit that they voted for Obama. Buyer’s remorse starting to settle in…everybody get ready to pay more taxes!!! YEA…that’s change that we can all count on!!!

Huh.  Ok.  How about we all take a deep breath and remember what it was like a four years ago this time.  Let’s remember the men that got us into all these terrible situations that we are in.  And let’s remember that the problems we are facing are partially our fault.  No one told us to go buy a house when our credit was bad.  No one told us to rack up credit card debt.  No one told us to spend more than we were making.  We did it to ourselves.  And, as much as I love President Obama, it is going to take more than one man to solve these problems.  To all the people complaining about the government and all those people worried about our future:  Shut up.  Oh.  And have a good weekend.