The Rhetorical Situation The Podcast

The Rhetorical Situation Podcast is a podcast about writing for people who might not write but don’t mind listening to people talk about writing.  Every week or so, we discuss different parts of the writing craft.  We take questions!  Email me your questions at Jayslacks(at) or you can send them to me on my twitter account.  We’d love to hear from you.

Episode #1: How and why to write a blog.

Episode #2: The Short Story.

Episode #3: Teaching Creative Writing

Episode #4: Movie Review Writing

Episode #5: Paul Auster and Man in the Dark

Episode #6: Idea Generation

Episode #7: Publishing

Episode #8: Jay Varner and Nothing Left to Burn.

Episode #9: Talking with the Geekdads!

2 thoughts on “The Rhetorical Situation The Podcast

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