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“If one of those babies were poor, I don’t suspect you’d want to punish her because her dad got laid off from his manufacturing job or because leukemia killed her older brother and bankrupted her parents just in time for her birth.” -Rob Delany Continue reading

The Daily Daily: Conversations and Connections Conference, Sponsored by the Potomac Review

When I started understanding that I wanted to be a writer, I had absolutely no idea how I could go about doing it.  I didn’t know what to write.  I didn’t know what to read.  I didn’t know what to spend my time on or what people wanted to read or nothing.  I just knew that I loved the feel of the pen in my hand, paper under my fist, and the words, words, words, coming out of me.  An education was my answer, which should be the answer of all writers.  But there are different roads, ladies and gentlemen.  There are different ways to learn about writing.  All of them valid.  All of them greatly needed.

My friend Zachary Benavidez at the Potomac Review and his friend Dave Hously at Barrelhouse are co-sponsoring with the Baltimore Review Conversations and Connections, a Writing Conference about writing with a nice, tight focus on building lasting connections.  It’s not free ($65), but nothing is. With admission, you receive, “the full day conference, a subscription to a literary magazine, a book (you choose from one of the four featured books, and one “speed dating with editors” session” And, honestly, you’ll meet plenty of people that will give you valuable insights about the craft of writing and the business of getting your name known. Going forth and mingling is a tough thing to do, a skill learned over the years.  I can’t think of a better way to learn it.  Details are here.  Go.