Life After the MFA: Brain bits

Stuff you probably don’t know about me.

-I work two jobs.  Both of them are part time.  One is at a book store right down from my house.  I help people find books.  I put up the books.  I also can make you a pretty mean latte, frapp, cap, MMCFL, A Chai tea latte or a espresso shot.  Making an espresso shot involves me walking over to the espresso machine and pushing a button.  And if you need a book, and you have no idea what the title is or who wrote it, I can find it for you.  Just give me a minute.  What is the book about?  When was it published?  Do you have any idea what it looks like?  I can get a picture of the book for you on the computer.  Is this the book?  Yes, we have this book in stock.  Let me find it for you.  Here it is.  I’m happy and you’re happy when this happens. Then, twenty minutes later, I will find the book I found for you under a chair or on the bar or in the sex section.  And I will curse and then put the book in the right place.  I will find books that are in the wrong place and put them back in the right place.  I work at a book store.  This is my job.   Continue reading