The Age of Analog has Ended. The Age of Digital has Begun.

Bath in that Digital goodness.

Bathe in that Digital goodness.

Its over. No longer can you just put a coat-hanger ontop of your television and expect to get any sort of information.  Analog signals all over the country are being turned off, allowing the wonderful bathing energy of Digital to take over the planet.  No, you have absolutely nothing to say about this.  Our lawmakers decided it was for the best, persuaded by the lush and beautiful rhetoric of special interest groups:

The move to digital was considered necessary by the massive Internet and telecommunications powerhouses like Gooogle (GOOG), Microsoft (MSFT), Verizon (VZ) and even Yahoo (YHOO), which wants to take all the bandwidth associated with formerly analog commerce and exploit it in some way they have yet to explain.

I have no doubt that these Internet bastards want to use these freed up bandwidths to create what we all know that are going to create.  First no more Analog signal, then no more stealing internet from that neighbor who hasn’t figured out what WAP is yet.  Next, we’ll have to show our ID cards to buy bread, the mark of the beast will be right behind the ear, ma’am, hold still.  And the coming of the Dark One will come to pass.  Or, I mean, you just have a better TV signal.  Yet, that might happen, too.