The 10 PM Podcast: Geek Card Edition

Dont you wish your girl was hot like me...

"Don't you wish your girl was hot like me..."

So, exactly why does Tom K have a crush on a mail carrier? I mean, they carry mail all day. How cute can they be? And what is up with Tyler having a birthday on one day but telling people it is actually on another day? And Nate Kowal doesn’t want to see Transformers 2? And he’s never seen Transformers Uno? What in the world is going on with this podcast? Well, we do have a pretty good conversation about what makes a game have long legs. Long legs like a mail carrier. No, no, no.  Not those kinds of legs!  Like, what makes a game a go-to for constant enjoyment?  What makes us play the same game for years? That’s what I’m talking about. Like always, we try to figure stuff out, while making fun of each other at the same time. Please join Tyler Childs, Tom Kennedy and Nate Kowal of Best Gamepad Ever fame as we waste your time for you. Listen. Learn. Enjoy

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The 10 PM Podcast: E3 Edition

How are you gonna buy all these games this fall?  Blood.  Youre going to sell your blood.

"How are you gonna buy all these games this fall? Blood. You're going to sell your blood."

Welcome to another edition of the 10 PM Podcast.  No, I still have no idea why I’m calling it “10 PM”.  I sort of think that I came up with it during a dream, as I was laying in bed thinking about ways to figure out and lock down my Internet fame.  This week, I have Nate Kowal of Best Gamepad Ever all up in this piece, talking about all the Microsoft info from E3.  We not only talk about it, we injest it.  We consume it.  We just about pretty much drink the stuff done like it is water from the mighty heavens.  Want to know what we think about Splinter Cell Conviction?  Halo 3 ODST and Halo Reach?  Mass Effect 2?  How are we going to pay for all these games?  Seriously, put down the chicken.  I’m asking you a damn question.  How are we going to pay for all these games?  I mean, there are a billion games coming out!  What are we suppose to do?  I know what you need to do.  Do you know?  Come here.  Seriously.  Come in close.  You need to listen, learn, and enjoy. Intro and Outro music by Pempi

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