The Future has Arrived: Women can now stand up to pee.

From  How you use this amazing and….uh…amazing product:

Just adjust your clothing, and hold GoGirl gently against your body to form a seal. Aim and urinate.  GoGirl’s a snap to use.

Break through those barriers, girl.

Break through those barriers, girl.

But we suggest you practice at home a time or two at home, so you’re confident and ready to go, wherever the urge strikes. If there’s leakage, you’re not sealing it against you.  Try again.  The second time’s a charm. GoGirl’s economical enough to be considered disposable, but some women choose to use the product again and again. Use the enclosed baggie to dispose of the product after use.  Or use it to store GoGirl until you can clean it. Urine is sterile, and GoGirl’s medical grade silicone is germ resistant, but the product can come into contact with bacteria during use, so take care in cleaning. It’s sturdy enough to stand up to multiple washings. (One enthusiast gleefully reported that GoGirl stood up to her dishwasher.) You’re ready to go again!

That’s right ladies.  Finally.  Finally.