Life After The MFA: The Imperfect Art of Revision

The worst part about being a writer is telling people that you’re a writer AND that you work two jobs and you are, currently, thirty-two and living with roommates, car-less, and that you have no real 401K or retirement plan to speak of.  It is the constant struggle of all writers to justify calling themselves a writer.  It is like a construction worker calling himself a construction worker yet working at a diner and driving a bus. In his heart, he knows what he wants to do with his life.  But the practical needs for food, shelter, and the proper American amount of stuff result in working and doing things you’d rather not do in order to facilitate the waiting game until you can do what you want to do.

Writing takes time.  And it takes multiple drafts.  There are plenty of wrong ways to write, and an unending list of right-ways to do it.  In the interests of trying to spark a creative conversation (and avoid all that CHEERY Haiti news) I thought I would detail my revision of a draft, and the three major changes that I’ve worked into it.  If you don’t read novels, or don’t know what a Fray-Tag Diagram is, you are welcome to go ahead and sit this one out.  I promise I’ll make some Sarah Palin jokes the next time around.

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