10 PM Podcast: Out. Door. Shampoo. Towel. Edition

The game: Halo 3, ODST. Is it good? What is the campaign like? What is FireFight like? Is it worth $60? And when did ExtremeTaco get a girlfriend? And why, when geeks get girlfriends, is it surprising? Nate Kowal (Of Best.Gamepad.Ever) and Tom Kennedy (Of Awesometown) also do their best to make the podcast 15 minutes longer than it was supposed to be by making predictions about the gaming industry of 2010. Will Gears of War 3 come out? Will Halo: Reach be squad based? What about Grand Theft Auto 5? Or 4? Or what ever it is. And, finally: should you listen to this podcast? Yes. Why. You know why. You’ve always known why. Listen. Learn. And? Yep. Enjoy.

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The 10 PM Podcast: Yeah, You sort of do look like a bum Edition

And the summer is over. While most people traveled and visited family and, I don’t know, went outside, Nate and I played video games and worked at jobs. But these weren’t simple jobs. Proof of point, Nate (of Best Gamepad Ever fame) almost was beaten to pulps by a man that Nate misunderstood as a common NYC bum. Thus it will be forever remembered as the “Slurpee Cup Incident”. We also talk about Gay rights, Orson Scott Card, Shadow Complex, the new Batman game, Mass Effect, Gears of War 2 and, uh, other stuff. The amount of awesome in this podcast might only be equal to a cup of coffee. But, oh man, is it a really good cup of coffee. Listen. Learn. Enjoy.

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The 10 PM Podcast: I’m not a Cylon! Edition

This is it. This is why I do a podcast. We’ve got Nate Kowal from Best Gampad Ever. We’ve got Z of  Hipster, Please fame and Geek Dad and Nerd-core music accolades. And, man, do we show off our Geek cards. Prepare yourself for the most amazing, most in-depth, most bowel-moving podcast you’ll ever listen to. If you like the show, be sure to review it on iTunes. Oh, and Nate? The Star Wars Theme? It is out of love, brother. And I wanna apologize ahead of time for the audio quality.  I need to find a new place to host, bad.  Recommendations welcome!  Listen. Learn. And, you know. Enjoy.

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The 10 PM Podcast: E3 Edition

How are you gonna buy all these games this fall?  Blood.  Youre going to sell your blood.

"How are you gonna buy all these games this fall? Blood. You're going to sell your blood."

Welcome to another edition of the 10 PM Podcast.  No, I still have no idea why I’m calling it “10 PM”.  I sort of think that I came up with it during a dream, as I was laying in bed thinking about ways to figure out and lock down my Internet fame.  This week, I have Nate Kowal of Best Gamepad Ever all up in this piece, talking about all the Microsoft info from E3.  We not only talk about it, we injest it.  We consume it.  We just about pretty much drink the stuff done like it is water from the mighty heavens.  Want to know what we think about Splinter Cell Conviction?  Halo 3 ODST and Halo Reach?  Mass Effect 2?  How are we going to pay for all these games?  Seriously, put down the chicken.  I’m asking you a damn question.  How are we going to pay for all these games?  I mean, there are a billion games coming out!  What are we suppose to do?  I know what you need to do.  Do you know?  Come here.  Seriously.  Come in close.  You need to listen, learn, and enjoy. Intro and Outro music by Pempi

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Splinter Cell Conviction proves that good things do indeed come if you wait.

"Say you like my game! Say it!"

Yeah, there has been a ton of E3 news, and if you are reading this, then there really isn’t any reason for me to explain or list it.  Besides, I’m pretty sure I’ll have a podcast up by the end of the week, ranting until my throat closes up.  The coolest, most welcome, and most exciting revelation to come out of E3 is the gameplay footage of Splinter Cell Conviction.

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The Jarvis Slacks Podcast: Nate Records from Space Edition

Hey, Jay?  Hows my audio?  It might be a little wierd cause, you know, Im in space.

"Hey, Jay? How's my audio? It might be a little wierd cause, you know, I'm in space."

This week, we hear a slight, very slight hum from Nate’s audio.  The reason?  the BestGamePadEver site is in space!  Its a space station!  Pretty amazing, huh?  He eats that space-ice cream, he runs experiments, he even is weightless, and plays Xbox while he floats.  Pretty awesome.  This week, we talk about about Nate’s timetrip to 2007 and his Call of Duty 4 impressions.  We talk about Co-op gaming techniques (Left, K!  The tenticle is Left!), and we have a deep and almost meaningless discussion about the maturing of Twitter.  You know what Twitter is right?  Well, I think it jumped the shark.  Nate doesn’t agree, but he’s a much better man than I am.  Listen.  Learn.  And, yep, you got it.  Enjoy.

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The Jarvis Slacks Podcast: Commuting Edition

I will use any excuse I can find to put Zombies in a post.

I will use any excuse I can find to put Zombies in a post.

Here we go again.  In this edition of the Jarvis Slacks Podcast, we are joined by Nate Kowal again, keeper of the Best.Gamepad.Ever site.  During our recording, Nate was under a zombie attack, and had to converse with us via a walkie-talkie.  Hence, the amazing amount of static that you might, nay will, hear during the podcast.  But don’t let that stop you! Listen to our podcast! We talk about Halo Wars, Resident Evil 5, GDC updates, the new Modern Warfare 2 trailer and the problems, no, THRILLS with commuting.  Please, join us in our never-ending pursuit for something to do.

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The Jarvis Slacks Podcast Number 17: Nate’s First Podcast Edition

This week on the Jarvis Slacks podcast, we talk to Nate Kowal (Cow + Owl), keeper of the Best Gamepad Ever blog.  We have an excellent discussion about our top five games, our favorite gaming blogs and our favorite podcasts.  Its pretty much the favorite podcast, which (if you aren’t careful) will turn into your favorite podcast ever.  Nate’s audio is a little rough, so we thank you ahead of time for being patient.  Also, this is a 100% gaming podcast.  Anyone who wants to know about my personal life or who Kenneth is in love with, I apologize.  Listen. Learn.  Enjoy.

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Wonder if its 1958 or 2008 right here.

Halo Wars Demo Impressions

The real War will be between uber-geeks trying to fit all this crap into the canon.  I got your canon...

The real War will be between uber-geeks trying to fit all this crap into the "canon". I got your canon...

The reason that the Halo games are fun is because when you push a button, what you want to happen, happens.  You want to shoot someone, pull the trigger. You want to change weapons, hit the “Y” button.  The Halo games work.  Ask any one who plays Gears of War 2 on the regular and they will tell you: the Halo games do everything that they do correctly.  The only reason you get mad when you play Halo games is because the other player is better than you or its laggy.  Most gamers use lag as and excuse, anyway.

That is the same exact feeling I got when I played Halo Wars.  The game works.  There isn’t any weird bullshit that seems chingy.  There aren’t any impossible situations or silly gimmicks that contradict the game.  There is only you, your controls, and the situations.  Like all Real Time Strategy games, Halo Wars is a complicated war-sim that is really a puzzle game.  You have these slots and this time with your enemy with the same resources.  How can I build an army fast enough?  And how can I maximize their potential?  Your decisions matter.  In the demo, I played the skirmish playlist on the harder setting. I thought the AI would give me time to build up my forces.  Nope.  While I was building Warthogs, the AI was pulling together troops. While I tried to take over a supply elevator, it was building a ton of Wraiths.  The opposing army that came knocking at my base was twice the size as mine and three times as powerful.  My base was scrap in minutes because I underestimated the computer, not because the game is broken.  Results that should happen did happen, just like it should be.  That’s what makes a good game.

Are the controls the answer to the RTS/Console question?  I have no idea, because I’ve never played that much RTS games.  I will tell you that Halo Wars is completely accessible and easily addictive.  Next month when it comes out, the problem won’t be whether the controls are good or not.  The problem will be how you’ll play the game and keep your job.  But for those getting laid off left and right, it looks like this might be the answer to all that idle time.

The Jarvis Slacks Podcast Number 15: Block Fight Edition

This is the scene at a local Gamespot, when it was revealed that Tom Ks game Block Fight wasnt on pre-order.  Notice the absolute anger.

This is the scene at a local Gamespot, when it was revealed that Tom K's game "Block Fight" wasn't on pre-order. Notice the absolute anger.

This week on the Jarvis Slacks Podcast, I interview Tom K, friend of the podcast and game-maker.  We talk about his new Community Game for Xbox Live, Block Fight, which will be coming out soon.  We also talk about the top games of 2009 and how excited we are about them.  Do you see a trend?  This is for gamers only.  So, if you haven’t played a video game since 1997, or if you own a Wii, or if you think video games are for lonely losers, please go ahead and check out the Martha Stewart Living Podcast, cause this here joint ain’t for you.  Peace in the Middle East!

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