News Rodeo! Climate Change! Afghanistanians! Health Care! A Random Sarah Palin Joke for Good Measure!

Laughing on the outside and, probably laughing on the inside, too.

It is time once again for News Rodeo!  And, man oh man, is there some news this week.  It has occurred to me lately that this might be the only venue that some people actually hear about major events that happen in our world.  I take this responsibility very lightly and I hope that anyone that reads this takes this seriously.  For example:  Yes, Sarah Palin is Satan with breasts.  This is a fact and you can use this information at dinner parties.  Impress your friends! On to the news!  Tuesday, President Obama gave a speech, outlining an escalation in troops over in Afghanistan.  Do we, the American people, need more troops over in Afghanistan?  No.  Of course not.  We don’t need troops anywhere.  Do the Afghanistanians need more troops?  Probably not.  So why are we sending more troops?  Because, if we don’t, then a plane will fly into everyone’s house, even if a plane isn’t in the air, it will come down anyway and crush you.  Joking!  But seriously, what about Vice President Joe “I have a Billion Teeth” Biden?  What does he think, Huffington Post-it-notes?

White House officials adamantly deny that the vice president was used as some sort of political pawn in the Afghan debate. Indeed, it is understood that within the administration, Biden had been arguing against a military ramp-up, essentially alone, since last spring –before other lower-level officials felt more at ease expressing their reservations. “The vice president believes it is his job to give the president the best and most candid advice he can — and to give it privately,” said Jay Carney, Biden’s spokesman. In the end, the advice failed to move the president’s hand on the key issue of troop strength. But it may have been enough to secure important strategic victories. At the very least, it showed that the vice president is comfortable staking out a dissenting position inside the administration and pulling people to his side — even if means losing out in the end.

"It is Cyclical! This is the natural pattern of nature! Keep Running!"

That’s right!  When the Vice President thinks that “V” should be renewed, the President takes that shit into consideration, son!  And then the President is all like, nah, V sucks.  And then Joe Biden goes into a room and cries, whispering, Just like Firefly…Just like Firefly.  Not to worry, we have good news around this piece.  The President has decided to go to Copenhagen for the Climate Summit thingy.  We are killing the Earth?  Global Warming?  Hello? But will it make a difference?  And is the bill in Congress a job’s bill or a save the planet-bill?  What do you think, Sanitation-Nation?

Overall, the public opinion data on climate point to a deeper problem with the way the capping of carbon has been sold, both by Democratic lawmakers and progressive activists–that is, as a bill that seems to have nothing to do with catastrophic climate change. “Make no mistake: this is a jobs bill,” President Obama said about the House-passed version of cap and trade (the name of which–American Clean Energy and Security Act–manages to avoid mentioning climate). That bill’s co-sponsor, Ed Markey, echoed the claim, saying, “This is a jobs bill. It will create millions of new clean energy jobs in whole new industries with incentives to drive competition in the energy marketplace.” Others have taken the same tack: an SEIU ad in favor of cap and trade, for example, says that “America must end our economic crisis and dependence on foreign oil.” How? “A clean energy jobs bill.”

Never trust a guy who insists on you calling him, "Dick".

It’ll be sort of hard to go to work when we’re all dead from starvation or drought or disease caused by lack of arable land.  But, hey, let’s move on to something more fun.  Like Health Care!  Dick Morris thinks that States will have to flip the bill for it!  My God!  Taxes!  You mean we’ll have to pay so people can go to the doctor instead of taking an aspirin, wrapping themselves in a sweater and hoping for the best?  That is Crazy talk! Explain this to me, NewsMaxipad!

The Obama healthcare initiative will be the biggest unfunded federal mandate on the states in history. It will force dozens of states, particularly in the South, to abandon their low-tax ways and to move toward dramatically higher rates of taxation. It might even force Florida and Texas to impose an income tax! In the Senate version of the bill, states must expand their Medicaid eligibility to cover everyone with an income that is 133 percent of the poverty level. The House bill brings it up to 150 percent. But many states have kept their state taxes low precisely by so limiting eligibility for Medicaid that it essentially is only for seniors needing long-term care and not for poor younger people who require acute care.

Yeah, young people!  You don’t need health care!  Young people don’t get cancer or infections or broken bones are get cancer caused by infections in broken bones.  And, hey, Sales tax?  I mean, what’s up with that?  This is America, everyone!  Let’s not forget that shit!  This is America!  If you don’t have it, you get another job and you work for it!  And, once you get it, you realize that you were a victim of a sophisticated marketing strategy and you throw that crap in the closet.  And if you can’t afford health care, then crawl into a ball and go ahead and die.  One less person that gets in the way of my Climate killing SUV.  Did you see that?  I created a satire using three different political talking points!  Go, me.  Go, me.  Go, me.  Put your hands up. It’s your Birthday.  Not for real, though. Just for play-play.

Our Choice, A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis: Impressions


And it is a pretty simple choice, too.

It is one of those books that you automatically think that you want to give to all your friends.  I bought it on Friday and got through half of it by Saturday afternoon.  There are photographs that you stare at for whole minutes, wondering how we do such terrible things to our planet.  A picture of a Cattle farm with hundreds of hundreds of cows.  A picture of a plane spraying pesticides over a field.  A picture of a farmer in Brazil planting crops after clearing a piece of the rain forest.  Our Choice is honest about the problems that face our planet.  But, more than that, this book is about solutions.  It tells us, in plain terms, the ways we can solve the Climate Crisis.  It doesn’t tell us the problems.  If you don’t know or believe in Climate Change then you aren’t going to be convinced by this book.  But it does explain the steps we can take to fix the problems and create an entirely new economy in the process.  Carbon Capture.  White rooftops. Algae production. Solar panels in space. These are solutions that work and that we can do now.  Right now.  Like, right now. The problem I have with this book is a problem I have about every rhetorical situation that presents itself:  Most arguments preach to the choir.  Anyone who doesn’t believe in climate change will not read this book.  People who do believe in it will, which defeats the purpose of the book.  Climate Change will be a topic open to debate and cynicism until we see millions of people, millions of Americans, die from it.  By then, it will be too late.  Hopefully, we’ll be smart enough to act before that happens.


The Changing Face of Climate Change

I mean, arent new shoes worth destroying the planet for?

I mean, aren't new shoes worth destroying the planet for?

Yeah, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.  So, I mean, that means something, right?  Maybe?  Hello?  What?  Sick of Obama?  Trust a brother.  He’s sick of you, too.  However, there are things that he needs to work on and he’s working on them.  Oh, yes.  He is working on them like a Mother-(Shut your mouth!  I’m just talking about Obama.)  This week, there is some Climate change crap he’s working on.  He’s flying somewhere, making a speech, inspiring people, blah, blah, blah.

Senator John Kerry told Obama he needs to direct his administration to be more aggressive in order to get Congress to take steps to limit pollution that contributes to global warming. But Kerry emerged from the meeting saying Obama had pledged closer coordination between the White House and its congressional allies on the issue. “The bottom line is there’s no way to negotiate a bill like this without the involvement of the administration that they’ve promised — and they’ve been producing,” Kerry said in an interview. “If we’re going to talk about oil and gas, we need to know what the administration will sign off on.”

What does John Kerry know?  Didn’t he lose in 2004?  (Oh, Snap!) With all this Enviromental stuff, you have to remember that the hottest year on record just happened….ten years ago.  I’m serious.  It was 1998.  I know, right!  Global Warming is over!  Let’s get out of here and start spraying aerosol up in the air!  Spray it in the air like you just don’t care!

…the warmest year recorded globally was not in 2008 or 2007, but in 1998. But it is true. For the last 11 years we have not observed any increase in global temperatures. And our climate models did not forecast it, even though man-made carbon dioxide, the gas thought to be responsible for warming our planet, has continued to rise. So what on Earth is going on?

I’ll tell you what’s going on, because that’s what I do.  I say that it doesn’t matter if the climate is getting hotter or colder if the rivers are polluted with Mercury from rotten batteries, the soil is unusable because of lead poisoning and the air is unbreathable because of carbon emissions.  But, hey, just as long as we get to die wearing sweaters.