Netflixing: Battlestar Galactica Season 1

Battlestar Galactica is one of those television shows that you hear about and avoid.  At least I did.  Huh?  An epic sci-fi series with tons of characters, ties to an older series and with high themes and over-reaching explanations about human nature?  Nah, I’ll pass.  Thankfully, I’ve reviewed how stupid I have been and have begun the long, long effort of watching the entire series from beginning to end.  Last night, I finished the first season, and I’m beyond impressed.  But, of course, not everything is perfect, and I’m very curious about how the story lines play out.  Warning, there are a few spoilers.  Don’t read if you don’t want stuff ruined.
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Netflixing: The Day The Earth Stood Still

Ah.  Yes.  This feels like a bad movie...

"Ah. Yes. This feels like a bad movie..."

The idea for the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still is a good one.  The original dealt with the cold war and the impending nuclear holocaust.  This newest version deals with the impending death and destruction of the environment.  The problem comes into play with the implementation of this idea.  An alien, in the form of Keanu Reeves, comes to Earth to tell us that we have to stop destroying our planet.  Of course, we don’t listen to him and we try to kill him and all this.  Plus, there is this giant robot that pops out of his spaceship.  And we have spheres, we have electrical powers, we have bugs, we have all sorts of things that completely miss the point of the movie.  What is the movie about?  Our destruction of the environment.  What does the movie end up being about?  A grieving family trying to get past the death of a father.  The movie’s premise is way to wake to carry both, or even one of those.
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Netflixing: Quantum of Solace

Like this movie or Ill shot you in the face.  For real, real.

"Like this movie or I'll shot you in the face. For real, real."

The Daniel Craig-James Bond has been a controversial figure for us film-lovers.  He is pretty in a very rugged and nasty way.  His hair is blond, not black.  He charms the ladies, but only to get what he wants.  He doesn’t know love.  Well, he did, until somebody murdered his lover back in Casino Royale.  Now, in the sequel to that gem, Quantum of Solace sends Craig-Bond on a convoluted chase to find his ex-lover’s killer.  Is the movie good?  Uh. That’s debatable.  It sort-of is good.  I mean, the movie starts with an amazing car chase, complete with guns and shooting and people getting knocked off cliffs.  But then there are these strange ups and downs.  One second, people are talking and saying intellegent phrases about spy-stuff.  The next?  Craig-Bond is in Haiti, stabbing people in their leg-arteries.  But it’s classic Bond, right down to the tux and the shaken drinks. But, was it good? Continue reading

Netflixing: Sunshine

Yep, I like my Netflix subscription.  You get a movie, you watch it, you enjoy it.  Good stuff.  I’ve been trying to catch up on all the tv/movie stuff that I’ve missed while I was busy being radical.  This week, I decided to pick up Danny “28 Days Later” Boyle’s 2007 flick, Sunlight.  And, man, I have never loved and then hated a movie faster than I did this flick.  It makes absolutely no sense what they did to this movie.  I mean, huh?  What?  The last twenty minutes just completely blew my mind-brain out.  This movie whigged me out so much, I’m not even going to warn you about anything.  Sorry, hey, I’m going to ruin the movie for you?  Keep reading. Continue reading

Netflixing: Body of Lies

Good, but not as good as this movie poster.  But what movie ever is?

Good, but not as good as this movie poster. But what movie ever is?

So I watched Traitor a while ago and never posted anything about it.  My bad.  Let me do a quick summary of it.  Not too horrible.  The beginning was better than the ending.  The upside is that Body of Lies is basically the exact same movie, but better directed with a cooler cast.  Much love, Don Cheadle, but I have to be real.  Real, real, real?  Real, real, real, real.  So let me get into this Body of Lies review so I can look at internet pictures of Bruce Willis’ new wife.  Man. Smoking.

Body of Lies is about the CIA doing CIA stuff in the Middle East.  That’s it.  The good part is that we get to see tons of really cool Arab dudes showing off why the Muslim world will always rock-socks.  When the CIA starts working with the Jordanians, we understand a bit why the United States can’t work well in their world.  Let me rephrase that.  We understand why Director Ridley Scott thinks that.  This movie assumptions that penetrates every little chunk of the film.  US is bad.  Middle East is victim.  Islamic terrorist bad.  Torture is bad. The world has problems and always will.  That, in a nut shell, is what this movie is trying to convey.  How many times do they have to drop the “G” bomb.  Guantanamo? Our little, private prison camp?  It pops up whenever Scott wants to remind us that torture and the people who use torture are animals.  The coolest line, though, is from the Jordanian Super-Spy, during a little training session that our boy Leo watches.  “Its not torture.  Its punishment.  That’s different.”  A line like that comes to an actor once a century, and he delivered it like silk sliding off a bed.  Wow.  Where did that come from?  Continue reading

Netflixing: FireFly

You cant take the sky from me

"You can't take the sky from me"

Good Science Fiction is a lot like good Cheese Cake:  it is extremely difficult to make, and when it is done right, it is like butter in your mouth.  Bad Science Fiction will always make you barf and turn your head in disgust. Firefly, recommended to me by the one and only “Humi”, is probably the best Sci-fi television show ever created.  And, just like the evil bastards they are, Fox cancelled it without even trying to find it a proper home or a decent time slot.  And the world is less because of it.

Firefly is about a ship called “Serenity” and its crew.  They aren’t thieves or guns-for-hire.  Well, they sort of are.  They are opportunistic adventurers trying to stay untethered to the Alliance, the universal government.  The crew gets some trouble when they take on two mysterious strangers, one a doctor and his sister, a mental nut case.  Add into that some guns, a few man-eating crazies and some amazing dialogue and you’ve got the best in Sci-fi good news.

The show tried to tie everything up nice and neat with the movie, Serenity, but I don’t think it really did the show justice.  There is so much love involved with Firefly, so much intensity.  It is nothing short of a wonderful run through goodness-land, and I wish I didn’t watch all the episodes as quickly as I did.