Marriage Equality and the Importance of History

I don’t particularly care what you feel or think about Marriage Equality (You shouldn’t say “Gay marriage” or “Same Sex marriage” because you sound a little like Gay people have a special marriage compared to Straight people. Just practice).  I’m more concerned that you understand that history was made this week.  The highest court in the land heard cases that have to do with discrimination, State’s rights, individual rights, tax policy, and Constitutional law.  These cases are important and interesting.  You should at least listen to the cases. It’s not that I want to force you to be a Liberal. I just want to force you to pay attention.

Here. I made it  simple for you. The audio for both cases are uploaded below.

The Prop 8 Case

The DOMA case


Huh? What’s that? You want the transcripts too? Sure, I can do that for you.

Prop 8 transcripts 

Doma transcripts