With Washington State and Colorado making the recreational use of pot legal, there have been some pretty interesting conversations about what the Federal government is going to do.  Will the Feds still go after people when the state they live in has sanctioned pot?  It’s a good question, one that’s probably going to the Supreme Court one of these days.  The bigger question is why drugs are regulated and how drug regulation plays into the concept of personal responsibility.

If we are smart, we should restrict and regulate every drug as much as possible and try and stop people from doing these drugs.  Drugs are bad.  This isn’t just a funny statement. It’s the truth.  All drugs are bad for you and they will harm you when you use them too much.  Cigarettes. Alcohol. Pot. Heroin. Caffeine. Coke. Prescription pills. All of them are bad for your body.  We should, as a group of people, say, no, we are not going to sanction the use of any drug and we are going to make it difficult for people to use them.

That’s not realistic, though.  It wouldn’t happen and it won’t happen. So we have drugs in our society. Some of them are sanctioned. (I love you, coffee). Some are not.  Cigarettes are legal, but they are slowly becoming stigmatized socially.  Alcohol is legal and sanctioned and it causes far, far more damage to our bodies than pot. Pot isn’t legal and it isn’t sanctioned, causing people who like pot to point to alcohol and say, hey, if alcohol is legal then pot should be legal! Pot isn’t as bad as booze!  This is hypocrisy!

It is hypocrisy, but we live in a society that is fine with hypocrisy (gay marriage).  Also, I’m going to go ahead and say something that I’m positive that tons of people are going to get mad about. I don’t practically like pot. I’ve smoked it and I’m unimpressed.  I’m just fine with it being illegal and if you are an adult and you’re getting arrested for marijuana use then you’re a moron.

All that’s beside the point because Pot should be completely legal.

Let’s step back.

I don’t think any drug should be legal. But I understand that people don’t agree with me.  Therefore, every drug should be legal and people should use their best judgment when doing drugs. We should be a society that governs on the premise of personal responsibility.  Take care of yourself. I’ll take care of myself.  You do what you want.  I’ll do what I want.

A man who is 35 should be able to get high when he wakes up, go to work, get high in his car, come home, get high at home and then go to bed. A grown man should get drunk when and where he wants.  If a grown man wants to pop Vicodin all day, so what? Why do I care?  If a guy wants to do heroin in the bathroom before the big meeting, then that’s none of my business.

Capitalism factors into my belief.  Capitalism demands that the market controls such things.  If people do drugs, fine. But if people get fired from their jobs because they do drugs, fine.  The people who don’t do drugs can take those jobs.

What about people who abuse drugs?  What about addicts? What about the harmful side-effects of drug abuse to our society?  Capitalism says that all those people should have known better than doing drugs and if their lives are horrible, so what?  That’s their fault.

Thankfully, that’s not the society we live in.

Our society depends on us working together.  Our society is stitched together haphazardly and it is constantly threatening to come apart.  We do our best, but it’s a daily struggle. Our fragmented laws reflect our fragmented society.  I’m surprised we aren’t running around stabbing each other, honestly.  It shouldn’t surprise anyone that our drug laws are all screwed up. Most of our society is all screwed up. That’s the price of democracy. It’s slow and messy and not everyone is going to be happy.

We also shouldn’t be dismissive of people with addiction issues. Just because you’re not addicted to pot, and just because the science behind pot says it’s not addictive, doesn’t mean that there are people with addictive personalities that get caught in the trap.  Pot is a low-ball drug compared to the big daddies of Cocaine and Heroin, but pot can still ruin the life of a person who has issue with self control and moderation.

So, yes, I think everyone should do whatever drugs they want.  But I know that would pretty much be a catastrophe, so there needs to be some sort of regulation. And, I mean, really?  If you smoke pot, when was the last time you even thought of legality?  Make pot legal and there will be the same people smoking it and the same people not smoking it. The only problem would be that I’d have to smell that it at the bus stop.