The Rise of the Brown People

People are sick of talking about the Election that happened last week. I’m not sure how that’s possible.

It would be one thing if the election didn’t matter, but it did. It really did. It was a big deal. Things changed in a major way that no one expected. Our very idea about the make-up of our political system changed. But, I think people (such a general term. SOME people works better), I think people are sick of talking about the election because everyone is talking about the election.  There is a saturation point where only so many words can be absorbed into your head. That’s understandable.  However, whatever. You don’t feel like reading about what I think then I’m not really sure why you’re reading a blog where I post what I think. Masochism  perhaps.


71% of all Latino Americans voted for Obama.

73% of all Asian Americans voted for Obama.

93% of all African Americans voted for Obama.

Obama only got 39% of the White vote. And still won.

Obama received 55% of the Woman vote.

Obama received 67% of Non-married women.

Obama got 55% of the vote from people who have a Post-Graduate degree.

America, I would like you to meet the Brown People.

I’ve used “Brown people” for about ten years now.  It’s a blanket term that I used to use for Non-Whites.  It isn’t hard being just Black. It’s hard being any color but White.  The darker you are in this country, the more difficult it has been to do anything. The last few years, however, I’ve used “Brown people” as an umbrella term for anyone who is affected by the old ideology of power and authority in this country.  Gay men and women are Brown people. Single women are Brown people.  Poor people are Brown people. Anyone who has a hard life because of the power dynamics of this country belong to the same group, the same pot, the same voting block.  And, for the first time in history, we all came together and voted for the person that seemed to have our best interests in mind.

This has been coming for a long time. I’ve written about this before.  The Republican party has only been concerned with White men and the people who follow them around. They haven’t cared about women or any other demo-graph because they thought they didn’t need to.  Did they think that Gay people didn’t vote? Did they think that all Black people HAD to vote for Obama because, if we didn’t, we’d get kicked out of the club?  Did they think that women would eventually shut up and stop complaining about their reproductive rights?

I want to say this as plainly as I can.  I support Obama, but the last four years haven’t been the best for anyone. The fact that the Republican party couldn’t use enough college-freshmen rhetorical skills to get him out of office is absurd and they should be much, much more ashamed of themselves than they are.

For too long, the Republican party has been a party run by assholes.  That will change quickly.  We deserve two parties that can hold our attention.  We deserve to witness the proper competition between them. We need it. We deserve a Republican party that is more concerned with every American prospering and not a Republican party that consistently demonizes half the population.

It’s nice, you know?  It’s nice that I’m not crazy, that I’m not alone.  It’s nice to know that there a lot of people that see the world like I see the world.  The vindication doesn’t happen very often.  Forgive me if I have the unstoppable urge to yap about it a little bit longer.



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  1. this post reminded me of this rant by G.C> 20 years ago, but i will also draw attention to the comments (Youtube comments being an excellent gauge of human intelligence, amirite?) in which people don’t get the way he is using brown people as an inclusive term to illustrate a prejudice in war and are instead arguing about who qualifies as a brown person or not….

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