Hurricane Sandy

I learned about the concept of Climate Change ten years ago.  I accepted it as fact five years ago.

Part of the reason why I was interested in Climate Change was because of it’s connection to Capitalism.  Capitalism dictates that we need growth, unlimited growth, and that there should never been a barrier to that growth. Climate Change theory says, hey, your Capitalism theory can’t work with Climate Change theory because Climate Change theory says that the output of carbon causes Climate Change to happen.  To put it simpler, industrialization and unchecked growth is the reason why Climate Change is happening.

And it’s not like there is going to be this totally end-of-the-world event where we all die at once. No. It’s more Global Weirding than Global Warming. We’ll have heat-waves, droughts, and storms that are bigger than the world has ever seen. I like to think of Climate Change as symptoms of a cold.  The World is sick.  Unlike some people, however, I know that Climate Change will revert and the World will go back to normal. This will happen one of two ways.  One, the climate will change so much that we will not be able to live like we live now, and we’ll be force to change, not because we want to but because we have no choice (like we’ll run out of oil or we run out of the ability to process fuel). The second is that we all eventually die off.  The planet is going to be fine. This is just a cold. We’ll probably be dead before we see a normal planet again, though.

It’s not like this is a surprise. It’s not like people haven’t warned us plenty. Hurricane Sandy is just proof.

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  1. pretty much the same argument i use. the continuous growth approach means we are using 1.5 planets worth of resources as well, and we can not continue at that rate without some serious consequences. Then a couple trillion dollars will seem pretty arbitrary…

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