Weekend Reads

I read a lot, and I would like to share.  All the links I’m giving you roll back to my Reader Archive in Evernote. A link to the original article is available in the note.

My support of President Obama is no secret. But it’s also no secret that I’m suspect of Power. How can I support the President if I don’t trust people in Power? The answer is that, if I have to have a President, it might as well be Obama because I trust him more than I do others.  You can also say that President’s don’t matter. If you say that, I’ll point you to 2001 to 2008, the 8 years dominated George W. Bush.

The only real problem I have with President Obama is his embrace of drones. I don’t like. I don’t trust it. It’s going to come and bite us all on our ass.  The Washington Post did a fantastic job reporting on the Obama Administrations drone program this week.  They broke it down into three parts.  The first was a general overview of the program. The second article focused on the program’s lead architect. The third article explains how the drones tend to, oh, turn on by themselves sometimes and crash for no reason.  I can’t recommend these articles enough and, if you were my student, they would be required reading.

There were two interviews published this week also of interest. The first was supposed to be off the record but then was released. The second was on the record and a little boring. Still, they are worth a glance.  Lastly, you should read this piece on how Cap and Trade might not have worked if we had it. You should especially read it if you have no idea what “Cap and Trade” is.  Have a good weekend.