Working Mothers

The “debate” about “Working Mothers” is happening in the stupid vacuum, where only people who are allowed to have the debate are having it.  You have one side who thinks that mothers don’t do work, and then you have 99% of the population who knows that mothers do work, and there’s no debate.  It’s like arguing with a mouse about the Literal and Figurative trappings of Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried.”  The mouse looks at you, runs off and then is eaten by a cat. Meanwhile, you’ve said something deep and powerful and ultimately useless to the mouse’s survival.  Do you even realize it was eaten?

I don’t know any woman that has children and doesn’t have to work, either at home, taking care of the children, or at a place that passes out paychecks.  I know one woman that had a baby and came back to work six weeks later.  Six weeks.  The baby is still pink and hairless at that point.

What I’m getting at is that this whole discussion, working mothers vs. “working” mothers, is pointless.  We don’t live in a society that allows many mothers to stay home and take care of their children.  If you can stay home, it’s most likely because you have to because childcare is an amazing amount of money. If you can’t stay home, well, you’re an American.  Plus.  PLUS! We have these ridiculous gender roles tied around our necks like nooses.  The woman stay home.  The man goes to work. That’s dumb.  The person who makes the most money goes to work. The person who doesn’t stays home because child care is a billion dollars a week.  This is an election year, so our real world problems are being used like chess pieces for two political parties who view this as a huge game.  Two men, two rich men, arguing about women this and women that while the rest of us dig into the dirt for the scraps that they might have left behind.  They shout with megaphones, telling us to pay attention, this is important. We can’t hear them because we are too busy trying not to starve to death.

The purpose of a debate is to debate.  That isn’t what’s going to happen this year.  What you’re seeing is theater.  When the play is over, the same actors will head off stage and the rest of us will wonder why they wasted all our time.