The Daily Daily: Politics Don’t Matter

The State of the Union address was last night and, because I’m addicted to politics, I watched it.  I watch all of it. If there is a debate, I’m watching it.  If there is an interview I’m watching it. I’m reading it, too.  My Reeder feed is nothing but political rss, one after the other.  This morning I looked at it and I thought, “I need more.”  I am not reading enough political news about political political political.  But, watching President Obama give his speech and reading the responses on twitter, both from the professional media, the hobby media and from regular old weirdos, I realized that, contrary and simultaneously to what I’ve said before, politics really don’t matter very much.

I mean, they do and they don’t.  When it comes to tax cuts, so that the population doesn’t pay so much to the government, and funding, what the government pays for, it does matter.  The argument is constantly made that we are in a collective society. We share.  The question that keeps being posed is one of economic inequality, a few having more than the majority.  I don’t think that’s what we’re really fighting about.  It’s more like that our collective possessions are being worn down and we need to renew our collective possessions.  That means that every one will have to add to the possessions and I don’t think any of us really feel like it.  But it doesn’t matter if we feel like it or not.  We are all in this together, all 350 million of us.  We use roads and those roads are going to be fixed.  We use power lines and those power lines will be preserved.  We breath air and that air will be clean.  What we are really fighting about is when we’ll fix our infrastructure and how we’ll fix it and who will pay for it.  The argument last night by Obama is, hey, let me fix it and let’s do it now. The argument by his oppostion is, no, you haven’t fixed it yet, let us fix is. But it doesn’t matter.  It’s going to get fixed.

It’s like when you are having a heated argument with someone and you start agreeing, but it sounds like you’re still arguing.  Has that happened to you?  Both sides agree.  But both sides want to win the argument, so they are going to continue to yell at each other until one of them gives up. It makes us all tired, really.