The Daily Daily: Discrimination Edition

It’s the Holidays, so my posting schedule is shot to shit, just like my waste line. I’ve eaten more in a week than I  usually eat in a month.  God help us.

CNN Money is reporting that Same-Sex married couples pay way, way more in taxes than Married Straight couples because Straight couples get tax breaks.  I sort of want to take my computer and toss it out a window after reading this.  As a single man, I pay plenty in taxes.  If I got married to someone I didn’t love, I’d get a tax break because I’m straight. But if a gay couple gets married, sorry.  It’s prejudice and we should all be offended.

We should also be offended by this horrible trend in our society to make it harder and harder to vote.  Specifically college students, because college students tend to be liberal (I would love to write a longer piece about how and why “Educated” people tend to be more liberal, but I don’t have time). The New York Times has this story.  We should pay attention.  In order to vote, all you should have to do is registrar, show up, say your name, and vote. Once you add extra requirements, such as a Driver’s license, it is impending on your rights.  But, you say, everyone has a driver’s license.  Not blind people. Not some old people, and not some young people.  This is a story I’ll be watching very, very closely.

There are also two stories from the Washington Post that are interesting. One is about the Individual Mandate and how Republicans liked it until Obama liked it and now they hate it. The other is this “Retail Clinic” thing that is becoming more and more prevalent.  The idea with Retail Clinics is that you’ll be able to go to Wal-mart and see a doctor, buy some orange juice and head home.  The writer of this article doesn’t have a problem with this, the ease at which it would be to go to a doctor.  I do.  Poor people would be going to these clinics, not rich people. And our health should not be more of a way for big-box retailers to earn money off of poor people.  Health care should be free from the tyranny of capitalism, so health care providers do what they do for us because they love people and want to see them healthy, not because they want to make a profit.  Sadly, this won’t happen any time soon.  Anyway, Happy Tuesday.


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  1. Married people who don’t have kids pay higher taxes than people with kids, too. It’s not the same thing, but both are examples of how the gov’t wants you to conform & punishes you when you don’t.

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