I’m Human and I Need to be Loved: The Hypocrisy of Heated Debate

Today’s post is written by Joe Smith. You can find home on twitter at @Joethestampede.  You can also check out his tumblr here.  

Let me start out by saying that I am a liberal. Correction: I’m liberal as fuck. If all of my kids decide that they are gay and want to get married and protect whales or what not, I support it. I believe that we should care for the poor and old, that race, religion, gender, nationality, etc should get equal treatment, and that if we don’t do something about the environment right now, future generations are surely going to suffer. Being such a liberal kinda guy, nothing pisses me off like right wingers who have no problem stepping on people who aren’t privileged like they are or, even worse, just not like them. Every time that I see a Republican on the news or read a Republican friend post some other nonsense, my pulse quickens like the guy in “Wanted” and I just want to hulk-smash something. It literally baffles my mind how they can be so inconsiderate, so backward, so blind as to how others feel. I mean, if they could only open their eyes, surely they’d see that the people getting taken advantage of are just that: people. We all have the same basic needs and desire so why the fuck can’t they see that and stop being dicks? Stop judging without trying to understand the other person! Fuck!

The funny thing is that, in that moment of passion and righteous anger, I’m being a hypocrite. I’m certainly not trying to see their point of view. Fuck that. I’m in the right. I have my blinders on and nothing is gonna get in the way of me eviscerating my opponent. But, you know why they’re called blinders? It’s so you focus on nothing but destroying your target. If you’re looking through the scope of a rifle, then you don’t see that the guy has a family, that he has a passion for music, that he loves to laugh at stupid movies. You definitely don’t see that he’s just a guy who wants to make the country that he lives in as great of a country as it’s ever been, but he has different ideas about what needs to be done. At our core, every human is the same. We want food, shelter, to be safe and to just be happy. The difference is literally all in our heads, a mix of personality and nurture and environment. No ones sees the world as I, so how can I possibly expect anyone to think and feel just like me?

I’m not gonna lie and tell you that this is easy. Some people are definitely misguided and I honestly believe that most of what the Republican party has come to stand for is truly horrendous. I will not stand by and not speak out on what I feel is wrong, nor should I be expected to. The problem is that I can’t just sit there and believe that I am right all the time or that right wingers shouldn’t be allowed to speak their minds. Doing so would make me just as bad as everything that I claim to be against. If you want to speak on anything, then you should be prepared to put your big boy pants on and discuss like an adult. You can’t just throw rocks at Jimmy or Jenny because you think that they are big doodie-heads.

Does this mean that you should walk on egg shells when it comes to debate? No. I pride myself on being witty and I’m gonna put it to good use, damn it. Besides, I’m not one to talk about being proper. If you are in the heat of the moment and spewing venom, then get’em killer. The thing is, when you’re done, be prepared to start a rational dialogue with another human being. I think there’s some kind of bronze rule or some shit about that.