The Daily Daily: Face Veils, Be-headings, other stuff like that.

The Iraq war is over and, to be honest, that shit never should have started in the first damn place. The Washington Post has some pictures if you want to look at them and get depressed.  Over on the Republican side of the election of 2012, Mitt Romney thought a Vietnam Vet wasn’t gay, told the Vet that Gay marriage was wrong, turned out the Vet was gay and married and Mitt Romney looked really stupid.   Why do social issues matter in an election? When we live in a society where we are supposed to be free to do whatever the hell we want? Speaking of Freedom and lack there of, Canada, a place you thought wouldn’t be like this, bans the use of the Islamic face veil for Citizenship ceremonies because the Immigration Minister, Kenny, “had received complaints from politicians and citizenship judges who said it was difficult to ensure that individuals whose faces were covered were actually reciting the oath.” Before you start saying that Canada is bad, let’s go to Saudi Arabia, where a woman was beheaded, BEHEADED, for practicing sorcery. In 2011. In a country that is a U.S. ally.  So, yeah, way to go Canada for being horrible on Human rights! And way to go Saudi Arabia for being horrible on Human rights!  There is no Red state or Blue state. We’re one State. And we all suck.  Sorry. I haven’t finished my coffee this morning. What day is it? Wednesday? Ugh. I thought it was at least Thursday.