The Daily Daily for Dec. 6: Sext my Occupied Kidney

The Occupy movement is shifting to “Days of Action.”  You’ll be hearing that term more and more. Without a place like Zuccitti park to claim and use as a focal point, Occupy Wall street will probably do bi-weekly events that draw attention to the plight of the 99%. Expect grassroots groups to work with them and expect this to happen more and more once it proves to be successful. Today the Movement will focus on foreclosures and evictions, which you can read about here.  Also on the reading list, an article about how we should legalize the sell of kidneys.  Yeah, I got sort of sick when I read that, too. But the article actually makes some very valid points. Worth a read.  And, finally, “Sexting” among teens is a problem, right?  Right?  Yeah, so big a problem that only 1% of teens actually do it.  Read all about it.  Once again, this is proof that teenagers are more worried about actually having sex than texting about having sex. Wait, what?  Happy Tuesday.


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