The Daily Daily for December 1st: Oh, the weather outside is…STOP PLAYING CHRISTMAS MUSIC!

I hate Christmas music. Anyway, here is your reading list for today.  Alternet has a great piece about Ocean-farming and how it can help stop Climate Change. It is actually a hopeful article, one that shows that the solutions are there to fix the problem if we had people with guts to do it.  Aljazeera has their usual excellent reporting on the Occupy raids in Philly and LA (If you don’t have access to Aljazeera’s news feed, you really should).  And, finally, Rolling Stone has an amazing, and long, piece about the history of the love affair between the Republican party and the Rich. Yeah, I know, you think you’ve heard this before. This article, however, goes into obnoxious detail.  Sure, it’s one sided. What’s not one sided? Have a good Thursday.