The Daily Daily for November 29th: David HG!

My good friend and comrade in the war against stupid people, David HG, has written a fantastic piece about the policy of Time magazine to have one cover for Americans (Anxiety is good for you!) and one cover for the rest of the world (REVOLUTION!).  He’s also written a fantastic book, and why hasn’t it been published yet? Because editors are morons, but I could spend all day on that one.

There’s also a great Op-ed about the Obama Administrations continuing, and very quiet, war on terror.  Obama may seem “weak”, but the brother isn’t afraid to blow up a military base or kill an American citizen. If you haven’t thought about it, you should think about it.

Finally, there’s a good piece about the stupid protocol of airlines making you turn your devices off.  There’s a good reason for them to do it, but it’s not the reason you think, and it has nothing to do with the electronic equipment in the cockpit. My Blackberry was on for the entire trip to Chicago, take off and landing, and nothing happened except I got all my emails. Eat it, American Airlines.

Have a good Tuesday, everyone.


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