The Post Office

There has been a bunch of noise about the Unites States Postal Service.  The noise is that the USPS makes absolutely no money.  Thus, since we are a country that demands and depends on things making money, we should just toss the baby out with the bathwater. And after we do that, we should shut down the Postal service.  There is a Post Office a few miles from me, up in Adams Morgan. When I go get coffee on my day off, I make it a point to ship anything that needs shipping or buy some stamps or whatever I need to do. I think Post offices are important, and having one near me is something I enjoy. And, yep, that post office is going to close down.  I’m generally sad about this. Now, I know, some of you say that we have the internet now and we don’t need a Postal service.  To that I say, shut up.  The internet will not save you, and when the bombs drop, the internet won’t work. But there is a bigger point about the Post office that I want to get to.

Not everything has to make money.  I want to repeat that, so we are clear on it.  Not everything has to make money.  Some things should just exist, for the sole reason that they need to exist.  The Library is a prime example of this.  Libraries are not solvent, which means that they don’t pay for themselves. They are owned and operated by the public. We need libraries because libraries serve a purpose. Libraries educate the masses.  They provide free knowledge to anyone who wants it.  That is why we have them.  The Post Office, in turn, allows us to ship things across the obnoxiously big country of ours for a pretty cheap rate.  As an American, you pay taxes to ensure you have a library to go to if you want.  That is part of the privilege of being an American.  As an American, we also should have the right to have a Post office.  It shouldn’t be something that Senators look at and say, “Maybe we should stop this Post office shit.”  No.  Post offices are a part of the American Institution.  Getting rid of the Postal service should outrage us.  But, since most of us barely even know what outrage means anymore, I’ll just let that slide.

Sure, corporations could take over for the Postal Service. I almost promise you that UPS and Fed-Ex have multiple plans in the works just in case the day comes when the Post office final falls. But, remember, Post Offices are a service. UPS and Fed-Ex are a business.  Corporations only care about money.  You might say, but Jarvis, that’s not true.  Ask the homeless person that walks into Starbuck’s if that’s true or not.  If we start moving the pieces of our society that we need to the greedy, massive hands of Corporations, it’s over. We’re their slaves.  They can charge  as much as they want, with only the animalistic “This is the Jungle” rule of Competition to keep them in check.  And ask the cereal manufacturers how competition works to keep breakfast cereal cheap. I’d bet they’d love to talk about it.  Not really.

You might think I’m a communist for writing all this. If you know me, even vaguely, you know that’s probably a pretty accurate assessment.