Mirror, Mirror

Last Monday:

Jarvis: What are you doing?

Jarvis: Apparently I’m talking to myself.

J: Obviously.

Jarvis: I’m trying to get Google Calendars to sync on my phone, my iPad and my Mac.

J: Why?

Jarvis: I’m…I’m not sure.

J: You’ve been doing it for three hours.

Jarvis: I’ve been doing other stuff, too.  I paid some bills. I emailed a few people.

J: You also bought some crap off Amazon.

Jarvis: It’s not crap.

J: You don’t need new ear pads for your headphones.

Jarvis: They hurt my ears.

J: You don’t need the ear pads and you don’t need the headphones.  What are you doing now?

Jarvis: I just remembered I need t-shirts.

J: You’re going to buy t-shirts off Amazon?

Jarvis: I don’t feel like walking up to Target. And they are cheaper.

J: I sort of hate you right now.

Jarvis: Can I hate myself?  Is that possible?

J: I hate you so, yes, it’s possible! Wait, why are you home early?

Jarvis: The five students I have this term?  At the other college?  Only one of them showed up.

J: One?

Jarvis: One

J: Why do you even get up in the morning?

Jarvis: I’ve been wondering.

Last Tuesday:

Jarvis: What are we doing today?

Jarvis: What am I doing today.

Jarvis: What are we doing today?

Jarvis: What am I doing today?

Jarvis: Will it make you feel better?

Jarvis: Yes.  Very much.

Jarvis: What are you doing today?

Jarvis: Dear god…

Last Wednesday:

Jarvis: That was actually a pretty good class.

Jarvis: When they show up, it’s easy to teach them.

J: Sometimes, when you’re up there, I think, man, this guy, he can teach.  I mean, you are so weird!

Jarvis: I know.  The fact that we are having this conversation proves that.

J: You are goofy around some people, stupid around other people, but as soon as you get in front of that white board with that dry erase marker, you kill it!  Kill it!

Jarvis: It’s the only thing I’m any good at.

J: Teaching and writing.

Jarvis: Just teaching.

Last Thursday:

Jarvis: You’ve been sitting in front of that computer for an hour.

Jarvis: I need to write.  But, you know. Nothing.

J: You should clean the kitchen.  Mop everything down.  Maybe clean out the refrigerator.

Jarvis: I’m just stalling.

J: You should do some laundry. It’ll make you feel better.

Last Friday: 

Jarvis: Where are we going?

Jarvis: You know where we’re going.  I mean I know where I’m going.  You know where you’re going.

J: I sort of love weddings.

Jarvis: I get depressed.

J: You should have married (Blank) when you had the chance.

Jarvis: (Blank) would have never married me.

J: You don’t know that.

Jarvis: I know everything.

Last Saturday night:

The dance floor was an eclectic array of the most colorful dresses and suits.  A wedding as if it were a fashion show.  And I, me, him, Jarvis, wearing all white, got up from his, my, the, that seat and danced with people I, me, he just met them yesterday.  And the anxiety of the new job melt away.  And the anxiety of missing his family melted away.  And the anxiety of being anxious melted away and he saw all his friends in one of those rare moments.  This world is hard but, at times, it isn’t.  That, this, then was one of those times and the funny thing is, no one really sees him dance that often and his friends never make a big deal about it.  Funny, when he, Jarvis, when I think about it.  My friends have seen me dance a ton of times.  But everyone else thinks it’s a bit strange.  Put those moments in a bottle and let us live there forever.  That would be his heaven.  

Last Sunday:

Jarvis: That was nice.

Jarvis: Yeah, it was.

J: Everyone said you did a good job, you know, officiating.

Jarvis: That’s what they said, yeah.  I hope I did.

J: How long is this train ride?

Jarvis: About six hours.

J: I’m going to be quiet and let you read.

Jarvis: Thanks.

J: But, you know, I’ll be here.  If you need anything.

Jarvis:  I know you will.