I Don’t Think I’m a Marxist: A Slight Look at How I became a Marxist

I haven’t always been a Marxist.  I don’t think I’m a Marxist.

But I can’t help thinking, when ever I see videos like the one above, what got me thinking this way.  What made me lean to the left, politically, culturally?  Do you ever wonder that?  Most people point to their upbringing, but I was brought up in a semi-conservative home in the South.  My parents didn’t believe any of this stuff.  So it had to be my education?  Right?  And then I remember this guy.

There was this guy in High School.  New kid.  Hippy.  Believed all sorts of weird stuff.  I looked up to him, at some point.  Probably because there was no one really to look up to besides this guy.  And he turned out to be a complete tool, like most heroes do.  But, there was one day, we were sitting outside, doing something, and he said the most remarkable sentence to me.

“Money,” he said.  “It ruins everything.”

I didn’t get it, at first.  What do you mean money ruins everything?  Money IS everything.  You need it to survive.  Air. Water. Money.  It’s all we think about, all we deal with.  And I said this to him and he said, as smooth as pulling out a cigarette from a pack:

“I mean, isn’t that, you know, what’s wrong?”

It was after that when I started reading Huxley and Orwell, Marx and Marcuse, Keynes and Hesse.  My ideas about Economics always change and shift.  I do know that Capitalism is a mean bastard. Whether Capitalism is a true villain or a villain by necessity is open to debate.  Anyway, here’s a video that might get you thinking.  The guy speaking is named David Harvey.  He’s a Professor at CUNY.  You can read all about him here.  I just bought one of his books.  I’ll let you know how it is.  Take care of yourselves.  Take care of each other, too.


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  1. There a great many forms of socialist thought, but I am happy that you at least have found one. But just make sure it’s not a sort that promotes anything authoritarian.

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