Vacation, Day One

There is something to be said about having some time off.

If you didn’t know, I have two jobs. I work as an adjunct professor at a community college and I work at a bookstore. Both are pretty good jobs, and I’m lucky to have them. Both, however, are taxing. They take a huge part of my brain up and they both require for me to talk constantly. After weeks of this, a break


is nice. Just to recharge. Just to get the brain space right. I’m in need of it. I’ve been ruder to people, lately. I’ve been frustrated and tired and distracted. I’m not normally like this. Well, I am, but not this much.

This week, I will be traveling and grading papers and looking for new places to live and trying to find a balance in my life, trying to figure out a way for my life to find balance. I’ll keep you posted on my relaxation progress. Because I love you. I love you so much.