The Daily Daily: Why I hate Starbucks

Hate’s a strong word, but it fits here. And the reason behind it is as solid as granite. A friend on twitter recently asked why I kept going to Starbucks if I hated the place so much. I hate Starbucks because it is the only coffee shop in countless neighborhoods that I travel in. The area where the bookstore is, where I work, has three within half a damn mile of each other. The idea of the small, cute, independent coffee shop isn’t dead, but it is on the verge, all because of this weird bitch with the crown on top of her head. Happy Monday. Take care,
Jarvis Slacks


One thought on “The Daily Daily: Why I hate Starbucks

  1. I know that was me 😉 but Starbucks was responsible for the rise of the small coffee shop. I know you’ll probably disagree with this.

    Are there no Dunkin’s near these Starbucks (it’s really no alternative though).

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