I’m a Gear Addict. Someone. Anyone. Help me.

I was the first person among my friends to get a cellphone.  I was the first one to ditch that piece of crap cellphone and get a Razor.  Remember those?  I then got a “smart phone” and things sort of moved from there.  The Blackberry that I have now is the Zenith, everything I’ve ever wanted in a phone.  It sings to me.  I’m serious.  When I’m lonely, it sings.

Computers were like that for me, too.  Gateway?  Good lord, that was a zillion years ago.  I thought I was going to marry my Gateway computer.  I don’t even know where the hell that thing is even at anymore.  Once I got my Macbook, it was pretty much over, wasn’t it?  I mean, it was the best thing I’ve ever touched.  And I’ve touched so much.  Then it was the Macbook Pro, which I call my MacPooky.  I care for it in a way I probably shouldn’t.

I don’t want to talk about how many iPods I’ve had.

Then, like some strange siren call, I heard that the new iPad was coming out. iPad 2.  So, I thought, yes.  Yes.  That means the old iPads are going to be cheaper. And, yep, they are.  By a good, solid amount.  It wasn’t “if”, it was “How soon!”  And I firmly know this is a problem.

But it isn’t just tech, it is pretty much anything that I see and feel and touch and hear about that makes my life a little bit easier.  I just don’t buy crap to buy crap.  I think about the crap I buy.  I weigh the pros and the cons.  I think about the utility.  And after taking my iPad to work today, after using it to check grades and read emails and just check on crap, I realized how useful it will be the more I use it.  That’s the joy of good tech.  It does what you want it to do and it does it without being obnoxious.

Don’t judge the Gear Addict in your life.  Just make sure they can afford it.  Or, at least, make sure they can semi-afford it.