Detroit wants a statue of Robocop. In other news, My spaceship is almost ready.

So, to say we live in hard times is a bit misleading.  But we are living in some WEIRD times.  Things are just strange.  For example, Detroit is basically the worst city in the world.  I’m not saying that.  We have polls.  If people were to raise money in that city, you would think they would raise money to help the homeless, to help fund libraries, to give money to shelters, food programs, green initiatives, any number of things.  Hell, $50,000 would pay for almost five people to go to undergrad.  Imagine that.  Five young people who wouldn’t go to college could now go to college, thanks to the donations of their anonymous neighbors.  But, no.  This isn’t the world we live in.  In our world, fifty grand gets raised to build a statue of a robot.  But not just any robot.

A group working to build a statue of the fictional crime-fighting cyborg RoboCop in the city said it has reached its fundraising goal of $50,000 after a social networking campaign exploded in support of the project. The next step: convincing the mayor and city officials it’s a good idea. “I am very positive that it’s gonna happen,” organizer Brandon Walley said Wednesday.

Fifty thousand dollars.  Fifty thousand dollars.  I’m building a space ship.  Not everyone can get on this space ship.  Only a few people. My dearest friends and family.  The rest of you can stay on this planet.  Because I’m sick of you.  I’m really, really sick of all of you.