The Rhetorical Situation Podcast: GeekDad Edition

So, first, the audio quality is “OK” due to the fact that I have a super-ghetto podcasting rig.  You want to pay me for a super-fancy podcasting rig?  Go right ahead.  Second, I have a full room this time!  I talk to three contributors from GEEKDAD!  Welcome, Curtis Silver, Jonathan Liu and Hipster Z!  We have a lovely discussion about being a Geek, being a Dad, and how these two things come together to create the Geekdad blog.  I don’t have children, so I’m very curious about how being a geek, and having children that are geeks, work together to create actual people that you can stand being around.  There is some swear words, so make sure the kids are in bed when you listen to this.  Also, I laugh a lot.  I can’t help it!  Curtis is really funny.  Listen, learn, and enjoy!

Rhetorical Situation: Geekdad Edition

The Geekdad blog!

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