The Daily Daily: 20% of female population of a school has a baby bump. Also, water is wet and Faulkner is a hard dude to read.

Cute. Until it pees in your face. Then, not cure.

So, in Memphis, there is some news that about 90 girls are either pregnant or are getting pregnant.  This has caused a pretty good stir all up in the internets.  I mean, girls getting pregnant?  I mean, wow!  That can happen?  No way!

Terrika may have isolated the most important factor here: sex education is crucial, and apparently these girls aren’t getting it. Another contributing factor: Frayser is a Title 1 school, meaning that the school receives federal dollars based on the number of students who qualify for free or reduced lunch. Almost the entire student body qualifies. These young women may be poor, and lacking in self-esteem, and hoping that having a baby will make up for some of that. However, the sad truth is that teen parents often can’t cope with the pressure and drop out of school. As a result, their children may be poorer and less educated, and may end up repeating the cycle.

Huh. So, yeah, Not having proper sex education and prevention could be the problem.  Money could be the problem.  Huh.  I wonder what else could be the problem.  Let me think.  Oh, yeah. MAYBE THEY SHOULD STOP HAVING SEX WITH DUDES! No where in this article are these boys held accountable for their actions.  No where.  Educating the little girls is important, but making sure these boys know what their roles are, knowing that they are just as responsible as the boys, that is also a problem.  It is treating the symptoms, not the root cause.