The Rhetorical Situation: Where do Ideas come from?

Today’s Rhetorical Situation (Number 6, not number 5)  podcast is about the strange and really odd idea of, uh, where our ideas come from.  As writers, most of our time is spent trying to come up with idea, trying to figure our what ideas are good, what ideas are bad and what ideas make absolutely no sense.  Digging into this topic with me is Laryssa Wirstiuk.  She teaches colleges students, she keeps up a blog, and she probably writes more than anyone I know.  Where does she come up with this stuff?  How does she keep it in her brain?  How does she motivate herself?  And if you were in a padded room, would you have ideas? (She writes about that here) We talk about all this stuff and more.  If you have anything you want this podcast to deal with, hit me up and let me know.  I need your feed back.  I live off of it, actually.  Listen, learn and Enjoy.

Rhetorical Situation: Idea Generation

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