The Rhetorical Situation #5: Paul Auster and Man In The Dark

Hey!  Did you have a good Christmas?  I hope so!  What?  Where’s your Christmas Present?  Well, it’s right here!  This episode of the Rhetorical Situation podcast has me re-gifting an interview by George Miller that was done in 2008.  In it, George Miller talks with Paul Auster about his book Man in the Dark.  This is one of my favorite books for many reasons and it has made me a huge Paul Auster fan.  I understand that some people don’t like him.  That’s fine.  Opinions and all that.  But what I found interesting about the interview is how religion and politics sneak into it.  It is really worth a listen.  I’ll have a guest next time, I promise.  Listen and enjoy and send any feedback you have my way.  I always love feedback.  You can think of it as a Christmas present to me.  Happy Holidays!

Rhetorical Situation podcast: Paul Auster Edition