Best of the Best 2010: Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 is my game of the year for the simple reason that there isn’t another game that came even close to being as good, as awesome, as entertaining and as draining as this game.  For those who don’t know or don’t care:  Mass Effect 2 is about a guy (Or girl if you chose) criss-crossing through-out the galaxy trying to form a team to stop a threat that is endangering humanity.  Fun fun fun.  I just went through another play through.  I play as the Female Shepard, because she’s more fun to play. The voice acting is better and the situations you get involved in feel like situations scripted for a man, which makes playing as a woman more fun.  She is the baddest woman in the galaxy.  She’ll punch a guy in the face before she’ll kiss one.  In fact, my Shepard sort of hates dudes.  She’s in love with a blue unisex creature with tentacles for hair.  They want blue babies someday.

What gets me about this game is that it is unpredictable.  For example: There is a piece of the game you have to buy with real money, and add-on, a character that you can get only if you purchase the character, a thief.  I got the character and planned on playing the character’s mission after I beat the game.  However, during the suicide mission, the character died.  The thief died.  And, just like that, I couldn’t play the mission.  That’s right.  Something I paid for was unaccessible for me because I made a decision in the game.  It was like the game was bridging reality and fantasy, showing me real consequences for my actions.  I lost actual money out of my pocket because of a decision I made in a game I paid for.  Just…I’m still getting my head around it.

Video games are just like any distraction.  They are distractions, and you probably shouldn’t spend too much time with them.  As distractions go, however, Mass Effect 2 is the best kind.  Hands down, it is the best piece of media entertainment created and released this year.  If anyone says anything about video games being lame, you are now allowed to roll your eyes and turn your back to them. Those people don’t matter anymore.  They no longer count.  They aren’t part of the conversation.  Leave them behind and let them watch crappy television.  We have much better things to do.