The Reads: Paul Auster’s Invisible

Paul Auster might be my favorite author.  It happens slow.  You read work and you write and you work and you think about stuff and you wonder who your favorite author is.  Who connects with me?  Who writes work that matches me, that speaks to me?  Paul Auster speaks to me.  His writing is very “Meta”.  It is writing about writing.  He twists plot to the point where you wonder how he thought of it, how he plays with the movements and the words to the point where you can’t stop.  You have to read.  You have to find out what happens.  But what is happening isn’t nearly as important as how it happens, how Paul Auster works his magic.  Telling you what Invisible is about is pointless, really.  It is an experience you have to enjoy on your own.  But I’ll let the Author do it for you.

This is an amazing book.  You should read it.