The Daily Daily: Legacy Issues

The biggest issue we face as a people are Legacy Issues.  I’m not sure if this is a term I made up, or if it is an actually term. It doesn’t much matter.  A legacy issue is a problem that occurs because no one has looked at a policy with fresh eyes.  For example:  Water leaks out from under the sink, and has always leaked out of the sink since you moved in.  Someone comes over and says, hey, why is it doing that?  You say, it always has.  But that wasn’t the question.  Why.  Why.  A new face with new eyes sees something new and fixes the problem.  Our dependence on combustable engines is a legacy issue.  Failing public schools are legacy issues.  Race relations are legacy issues.  Don’t ask Don’t tell is a legacy issue.  Basically, it is the old guard protecting the world from the new, because the old guard has no idea how to do things.  Take, for instance, Senator John McCain.  Most likely, unless something really bad happens, he won’t re-enlist in the military.  However, he is so strongly against repealing DADT that he is willing to block funding the entire military to keep it from being repealed.  Why?  I have no idea.  Go ask him.  I do know that I can not wait until I’m his age.  Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will be a bad memory, one we look back on and feel horrible about.