The Black Future of Black Friday, by Lore Sjoberg

What if Black Friday wasn’t an option, but a need.  What if they things we survive on all year long were stacked into a building and you had to fit, tooth and nail, to get it?  What if the Corporations finally had their way and basically enslaved America, forcing us to work to the point of absurdity?  Welcome to a new imagining of Black Friday, brought to us by the wonderful folks at Alt Text over at Wired:

It’s Black Friday, and the Hendrickson family is waiting in the cold outside the local AllMart, along with hundreds of other families. Up near the door are the rich families, wealthy enough to afford state-of-the-art padded armor and expandable batons. Behind them are the Neighborhood Watches, groups of middle-class families from gated communities banded together for mutual support and protection. The Hendricksons aren’t completely at the back, but they’re on their own, kicked out of the local Watch when young Nathaniel was taken away by the collection agency. In truth, Nathaniel was probably targeted for advocating against Black Friday, but the papers read “foreclosure,” and he hasn’t been seen since. Everyone’s here except Grandma Alisa, who is still in bed with the injuries she suffered last year on this day.

A bit over the top?  Not really.  Anyone who thinks it is “Fun” to battle for a 10% cheaper DVD for little Billie has some serious issues.  And when I say “Serious issues” I mean you’re stupid.