Mission Accomplished

In a very real way, we are at war with each other.

This war started in 2001, when the Twin Towers went down.  This was a terrorist attack, perpetrated by Religious Extremist.  What they caused was chaos.  It was horrible, and can never, ever be excused. It is what they wanted that we need to pay attention to.   They wanted Americans to suffer.  They wanted Americans to fight.  They wanted us to be afraid and they wanted us to be terrorized.  They are Terrorist.  They cause Terror.  But we thought that we were done.  We thought that the act was over and that we could slowly get back to our lives.  Flash to 2010.  We are in Afghanistan and Iraq and we won’t be leaving anytime soon.  We are spending money on wars that should have ended a long time ago or should have never started.  More than that, we are a fractured people.  Before 2001, Democrats and Republicans battled it out like cats and dogs.  But, deep down, we knew that Democrats and Republicans were basically the same thing.  Both made promises and seldom kept them and both had higher standards for us than they did for themselves. However, once we went to war, and once we stayed there, the differences between Democrats and Republicans have become wider and wider.  My thesis is simple:  9/11 caused the Tea Party.  9/11 helped cause the Economic Collapse. 9/11 caused our fractured political landscape.  The terrorists won years ago.

Think about it.  If the Wars never happened, the money spent on the wars would never would have been spent.  Think about it. If the Twin Towers were still standing, Muslims would not be looked at and sometimes treated like criminals.  Think about it.  If the Twin Towers were still standing, the Tea Party and who ever wouldn’t have yelled about Mosque being built or Securing our Borders or whatever the crap.  Once our leaders sell us a false war, it makes it seem like falsehoods, like crappy mortgages and investing trickery, is just fine.  Congress can’t get anything done because Congress can’t agree on anything.  Congress can’t agree on anything because the war ripped Congress in half.  All the young, dead soliders.  All the Motherless and Fatherless children.  All the Debt.  All the violence.  All the mistrust.  All the waste of time.  9/11 is still affecting us.  Why?  Because some one made the wrong decisions.  Over and over and over again.  Worse.  So much worse.  We let him do it.  I’m not saying the Terrorist were right.  They were wrong, and terrorism can’t be absolved or rationalized.  What I’m saying is that there are after-effects, still.  There are after-effects we’ve never even thought of.

You can disagree with me.  But I’ll still think I’m right.  That’s part of the problem.  If you understand what I just wrote, then maybe we can figure out how to make things better.  Hopefully.