The Soothing kiss of Ignorance: Why I’ve stopped Watching the News


I'll miss her most of all.


I’ve stopped watching the news.  I mean, I just don’t watch it anymore.  I use to watch it all the time, almost constantly, flipping between MSNBC and Fox and CNN to try and catch a glimpse of what was going on in the world.  And then I stopped. I also quit reading the news.  Not totally.  I actually read the New York Times and AP and Reuters on my phone all the time.  I’ve just stopped following the damn thing like a hungry puppy.  Why?  This is why:

Cable news network msnbc said Tuesday it is launching a two-year, multimillion-dollar marketing campaign, embracing its politically progressive identity with the new tagline “Lean Forward.” The network hopes the campaign, featuring television ads directed by Spike Lee, will lift brand awareness and boost ratings, building on recent audience gains that have lifted it to the No. 2 news channel, ahead of CNN and behind industry leader Fox News. “We’ve taken on CNN and we beat them,” msnbc President Phil Griffin told employees at a series of celebratory “town hall” meetings Monday. “Now it’s time to take on Fox.”

Beat?  Like, how I beat video games?  So news is a game.  So, I mean, that’s what the guy is saying. It is a game.  Politics is a game.  A bunch of guys getting stuck in a mine because we are damn greedy and really need copper, that’s a game.  That’s why I’ve stopped watching news.  Because the Television stations think of news as a way to make money.  It isn’t about money. It is about me being informed.  And I don’t mean, “Brain Washed”.  If I want to “Lean Forward,” then I’ll do it.  And if I want to do what Fox wants me to do, I’ll do that.  And if I want to use the bathroom all day and read comics, I’ll do that.  But I don’t need people on a television set telling me to do it, or telling me I should do it.  This isn’t a game.  This isn’t fiction.  This is our lives.  And I sort of feel like living my life lately, and not watch television tell me to live my life, or show me how to do it.  In other words, I’m just bored of it. It had to happen.  I’m sure I’ll be back.  Rachel Maddow is a genius, after all.


2 thoughts on “The Soothing kiss of Ignorance: Why I’ve stopped Watching the News

  1. I’m with you. When all the health care bru-ha-ha was going on, I had to stop watching even The Daily Show. I’m pretty sure the news was messing with my blood pressure. Now I’m back to TDS, but I don’t think I can stomach cable news.

    • I can’t stand it. I think there are some great websites that give some solid, straight news. But all the opinion just annoys me. But Whatevs. We’ll make it though this.

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