Medal of Honor changes bad guy names to “Opposing Force”. Fourteen year-old boys will still masturbate, though.

Remember, shoot the guys called, "Opposing Force." Not the "Taliban". I know it might be confusing.

If you pretend that something is something else, it makes it alright.  For example.  If you have sex with someone you love, it is better than having sex with someone on the street.  If you download a ton of music, but only do it because you have no money, it is better than buying money from evil corporations.  We live in a world of complete and utter deception.  Want more proof?  A new video game, Medal of Honor, had to change the name of the bad guys in the game.  The original name of the bad dudes was “The Taliban”.  The game changed it to “The Opposing Force”.  That’s right.  In the game, there are bad guys dressed like Afghans, shooting stuff and calling themselves, “The Opposing Force.” Why?  From the Awesome guys at Joystiq:

In a reaction to outcry from friends and families of fallen soldiers, Medal of Honor developer Danger Close and publisher EA have decided to rename the multiplayer faction in their game from “Taliban” to “Opposing Force.” Executive producer Greg Goodrich announced as much on the MOH blog this morning, explaining the alteration by saying, “We are making this change for the men and women serving in the military and for the families of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice — this franchise will never willfully disrespect, intentionally or otherwise, your memory and service.”

Ok. So.  Killing people in a video game that are called, “Opposing Force” is good.  But if they are called “Taliban”? Then that is bad.  I’m glad we have settled this.  With this change, the world will be better.  When fourteen year old boys are playing this video game, jacking off to internet porn and failing their math classes because they can’t count to 8, making sure that they shoot imaginary internet 1s and 0s called “Opposing Force” will most def make this planet better.

I hate this place.