The Daily Daily: Why you should own and Netflix account.

Last night , my roommates were being more annoying than usual.  Actually, they are never annoying.  And, actually, I never post something personal on my blog.  But, it ties to the central point.  What was I saying?  Oh, yeah. So, last night, my roommates were more annoying than usual.  They were playing beer-pong in the back yard.  And the back yard is right next to my window.  So, at two in the morning, it is sort of difficult to be a happy camper.  How do you try and sleep when people are yelling “SCORE” when ever they get a white ball into a cup full of beer?  I know how.  You pop in your headphones, turn on your iPod Touch and watch a Netflix movie.  Yes, you can watch Netflix movies on your current-gen iPod Touchs or your damn fancy iPhone.  And, yes, it is just as brilliant as you might imagine.  I did it and I had no lag, no picture problems, no nothing.  It was as if the picture was saved to my damn iPod.  What technology demons did Steve Jobs associate himself with to achieve such amazing abilities?  I don’t really care.  All I know is, for ten bucks a month, I can watch almost any movie and television show I want to.  Half of them are right there at my computer.  If you don’t have a Netflix account, you’re not really serious about anything in this world.  Oh, and I’m moving out.  But, that’s for a whole other posting.  Good morning.